Teeth Whitening

A dental crown is also known as a dental cap is a type of dental restoration that entirely covers a tooth. It is majorly used when there is a large cavity that has affected the tooth. On the other hand, a dental bridge is a dental restoration method that is used to fix a missing tooth by replacing it with an artificial one. These dental crowns are made in one day using a cerec machine. Their benefits are farfetched, including;

1. Tooth structure restoration

A tooth thoroughly affected by cavity can be restored to its original form by using a dental crown. It also acts as a protection to any other dental diseases that might threaten the health of the tooth. Teeth whitening will also be enhanced when a tooth crown is used.

2. Functional restoration

When you replace a missing tooth with a more temporary one, you will be able to continue with your tooth functionality as it was before. The dental bridge will also help restore speech clarity that might have been lost when the tooth was missing. Your ability to chew food will increase since you will have no spaces in the mouth.

3. Durability

Crowns last longer than any other removal dentures used on teeth affected by dental diseases. This will act as an advantage since you will not spend more money by making visits to the dentist when another problem arises. They last around 15 years and over.

4. Force distribution when chewing

A bridge takes away the stress of pain on the teeth caused during chewing since it equally distributes the pressure exerted in the mouth. When some teeth are missing, the remaining teeth will have a hard time managing the force in the mouth. Hence, the bridge will assist you to chew easily.


Unlike dentures that are taken out for cleaning every time, crowns and bridges are cemented on the affected areas in the tooth structure, and can only be taken out by a dentist. They are more efficient and last even longer. They also enhance the tooth appearance.

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