A Nice Smile Can Improve Your Confidence

Do you speak and smile with confidence or do your teeth prevent you from socialising and enjoying life? There is no need for you to go through life being worried about what others will think about your teeth. The good news is that no matter what problems you have with your teeth, we can help you get the beautiful, healthy smile that will give you the confidence you need to engage in conversations without being afraid of how your teeth look.

If you have several missing teeth or no teeth, dentures can provide a full set of teeth. We offer complete or full dentures when all teeth are missing. If some of the natural teeth remain, partial dentures can be a solution. We will make sure your dentures fit you perfectly by taking an impression. To make the impression, we will have you bite into a soft, rubbery substance that will mould to the share of your mouth’s soft tissue and your teeth. Once the impression is formed, it will be used to create either a full or partial set of teeth. Not only will your dentures look great, but they will also help you chew and eat better.

Do you have broken or missing teeth, but do not require dentures, we offer crowns to repair your smile. We can create your crowns using CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The CEREC machine makes computer images of your teeth and your custom ceramic crowns are created while you wait.

If your teeth look dingy, we offer teeth whitening that to brighten your teeth. Whiter teeth will give you a youthful mile and could even help you be more successful, especially when your job requires public speaking.

Let us give you a smile you have been waiting for. Call for an appointment, and we will evaluate your dental needs and determine the best treatment option.

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